Resolve ownership transfer requests

The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content ID matching system.

Asset ownership conflicts arise when multiple content owners claim asset ownership percentages that add up to over 100% in a specific territory. 

Request ownership on asset ownership conflicts

Under the Ownership & Policy tab of an asset with conflicting ownership, you’ll see the option to “Request ownership” on the asset for your own territories in conflict.

You can request ownership on up to 10 existing ownership conflicts per day, with an optional note to the other content owner with whom you are in conflict. Only one conflicting owner on the same asset can request ownership in the same territory at a time. Requests can only be made on individual assets, not in bulk across multiple assets.

Once requested, the other owner will see an action item appear in an Ownership transfers queue in the Assets section of the Content ID menu.

Manage transfer requests

The “Ownership transfers” queue contains three tabs: 

Incoming ownership transfers

The “Incoming ownership transfers” tab contains requests that require your action. Click on the title of the asset to view it.
  • If you agree with the request, or have mistakenly asserted territorial ownership for an asset, click Accept and remove my ownership. Asset ownership is immediately transferred to the requesting partner for the requested territories.
  • If you've confirmed the accuracy of your designated ownership, first add a mandatory note to the other content owner with whom you are in conflict and then click Reject request. Asset ownership remains in conflict.
  • Optional Review Status: Incoming requests have a Review Status of “Not Started” by default. You have the option to set this Review Status to “In Email” or “In Progress” for easier tracking. The Review Status can also be seen by the other content owner who requested ownership on the asset.

Outgoing ownership transfers

The “Outgoing ownership transfers” tab shows requests you have initiated that are pending action from the other content owner.   

Completed ownership transfers

The “Completed ownership transfers” tab shows requests that have been completed, and includes resolution history and notes.


You can also accept or reject incoming ownership transfers in bulk. You can do this by selecting the check box for any transfer requests you wish to complete in bulk and selecting the appropriate action from the Actions dropdown.

Ownership transfer requests expire in 30 days. If an ownership transfer expires, asset ownership is transferred to the requesting partner.  


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