Resolve ownership transfer requests

These features are only available to partners who use YouTube Studio Content Manager. Contact your YouTube Partner Manager to get access.

Conflicts over asset ownership happen when multiple content owners assert over 100% ownership of an asset in a specific territory.

Request an ownership transfer

If your asset ownership info is accurate, you can request an ownership transfer from the content owner with whom the ownership is in conflict:

  1. Sign in to Studio Content Manager.
  2. From the left menu, select Issues .
  3. Click the filter bar  and select Issue type and then Ownership conflict and then APPLY.
  4. In the Issue column, click an Ownership conflict link next to an asset's title.
    • The Ownership conflict page will open. This page shows details about the territories where that asset’s ownership is in conflict.
    • You can filter the list by Territory or Other party.
  5. If you've confirmed the accuracy of your territorial ownership, click the checkbox next to a territory or multiple territories and select REQUEST OWNERSHIP.
  6. Write a message (minimum 10 characters) stating the reason for requesting ownership in the selected territories. The message will be sent to the other content owners with whom the asset ownership is in conflict.
    • If you’re requesting ownership from more than one content owner, you can choose Send the same message to all parties or Send different messages to each party.
      • Choosing Send different messages to each party will give the text box multiple tabs, each labeled with the name of a content owner. Click the names to switch between different messages.
  7. When you’re done writing, click SEND. The other content owners will then see an Ownership transfer on their Issues page.
  • To view transfer requests you've sent that haven't been resolved yet, go back to the Issues page and filter by Status: Waiting on.
  • You can request ownership transfers for up to 100 existing ownership conflicts per day.
  • Only one content owner (of the same asset in the same territory) can send a transfer request at a time.
  • Transfer requests can only be made on individual assets, not in bulk for many assets at once.

Review incoming transfer requests

To review and choose what action to take on ownership transfer requests sent to you:

  1. Sign in to Studio Content Manager.
  2. From the left menu, click Issues .
  3. Click the filter bar  and select Issue type and then Ownership transfer and then APPLY.
    • You can also get here directly from the Dashboard page by clicking the Ownership transfers link.
    • To sort the list, click a column name. You can sort by: expiration date, asset title, asset creation date, affected daily views, lifetime views, number of claimed videos affected, or duration.
    • To narrow your search, click the filter bar again and add more filters.
  4. In the Issues column, click Ownership transfer on the ownership transfer request you want to review.
  5. Review the request and select an action to take:
    • ACCEPT TRANSFER: Select this option to accept the transfer request and remove your ownership from the asset.
    • REJECT TRANSFER: Select this option to reject the transfer request and confirm your ownership of the asset.
      If you don’t take action within 30 days, asset ownership will automatically be transferred to the content owner who sent you the transfer request.
  6. If you have a question for a content owner, you can click Email owner  next to their name. When you’re done writing your message, click SEND.
To check the status of your ownership transfers, click Status and choose Action required, Waiting on, or Resolved.

Accept or reject transfer requests in bulk

From the Issues  page in Studio Content Manager, you can accept or reject many incoming ownership transfer requests at once:

  1. Click the filter bar and select Issue type and then Ownership transfer and then APPLY.
  2. Click the checkboxes next to the transfer requests you want to edit.

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