Creator influence on YouTube

YouTube creators are part of a large and influential community. We want to ensure that YouTube policies are clear and that all creators are empowered to use their influence responsibly in the YouTube community.

All videos uploaded to YouTube must comply with YouTube's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Additionally, to be eligible for monetisation, videos must comply with the AdSense programme policies and YouTube monetisation policies. To be eligible for advertising, videos must follow our advertiser-friendly content guidelines. Together, these guidelines are the rules of the road around what you can upload, share and monetise on YouTube. They're enforced through strikes that, if accumulated, may result in a channel's termination.

In addition to our Community Guidelines strike system, all creators should be aware of potential consequences for any severe or egregious actions that cause significant harm to the YouTube community. While these instances are rare, they can affect all YouTubers and damage trust among users, creators and advertisers.

This article outlines repercussions for creator actions that cause harm to the YouTube ecosystem and its users. The policies outlined in this article exist in conjunction with YouTube's effort to improve the enforcement of our policies through a combination of human review and machine learning technology. You can learn more about the context behind this set of tools on the YouTube Creator Blog.  

Severe or egregious violations of YouTube policies

Creators who cause widespread harm to the YouTube community may lose access to creator privileges and benefits. Actions that are not allowed include: 

We know that there are nuances across our Community Guidelines and that every situation is unique. As an example, we may consider content to be in severe or egregious violation of our Community Guidelines if a creator conducts a heinous prank where people are traumatised, that promotes violence or hate toward a group, that demonstrates cruelty or that sensationalises the pain of others in an attempt to gain views or subscribers. Additional context within a video can help us understand the background and intent of some of this content.

Repercussions for harm to the YouTube community

If a creator uploads content that severely violates our Community Guidelines, it may result in ads being suspended, losing access to creator programmes and becoming ineligible for Trending for a period of time. However, if the action is egregious, repeated or coupled with malicious intent, it may result in stricter or longer repercussions.

The following penalties may be applied temporarily or indefinitely based on the severity of the actions under review:

  • Premium monetisation programmes, promotion and content development partnerships: Creators may be removed from Google Preferred; YouTube Originals may be suspended, cancelled or removed.
  • Monetisation and creator support privileges: Creator channels may lose the ability to serve ads, earn revenue and potentially be removed from the YouTube Partner Programme, including access to support and YouTube Spaces.
  • Video recommendations: Creators may no longer be eligible to be recommended on YouTube, such as appearing on our Home page, Trending tab or in Watch Next recommendations.

Repercussions may differ depending on the case. Our team of policy experts will review and advise on each case and notify any creator whose behaviour results in a loss of privileges.

Additional resources

We aren't telling you what to create – each and every creator on YouTube is unique and contributes to the vibrancy of YouTube. However, we are committed to making sure all our creators are familiar with YouTube policies and empowered to make responsible decisions for their content.

Use these resources to learn more about YouTube policies: 

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