Creator responsibility

Creators are the heart of YouTube. Part of being a creator means that you're a member of a large and influential global community. We look to you to help us preserve and protect this unique and vibrant group. 

As a creator on YouTube, you agree to follow our: 

It's important that you understand these guidelines and their role in our shared responsibility to keep the YouTube ecosystem healthy. Violating these guidelines may result in your videos being deleted, your channel receiving strikes or, for serious or repeated violations, your channel being restricted or even terminated.

Earning money on your content

Creators who want to monetise content will need to follow additional guidelines: 

By respecting these guidelines, you'll help us to prevent potentially inappropriate videos from being monetised, which can hurt revenue for everyone.  

If you don't follow these guidelines, it may lead you to incur penalties, such as disabling ads on your content or suspending your channel from the YouTube Partner Programme

Learn more about our monetisation policies.

Protecting the YouTube community 

Remember that as YouTube creators, you should remain responsible both on and off the platform. If we see that a creator's on- and/or off-platform behaviour harms our users, community, employees or ecosystem, we may take action to protect the community. 

Beyond the content that you upload to YouTube, here are some examples of on- and/or off-platform behaviour that we may consider to be inappropriate and result in penalties:

  • Intending to cause malicious harm to others.
  • Participating in abuse or violence, demonstrating cruelty or participating in fraudulent/deceptive behaviour that leads to real-world harm.

While these behaviours are rare, they can cause widespread harm to the YouTube community and potentially damage the trust among creators, users and advertisers. 

Severe violations that cause widespread harm to the community may have repercussions beyond standard enforcement actions. These restrictions may include: 

  • YouTube Originals and YouTube Spaces experiences: YouTube Originals may be suspended, cancelled or removed, and you may lose access to YouTube Pop-up Spaces and virtual gatherings.
  • Monetisation, partner management and promotional opportunities: Your channel may lose the ability to serve ads and earn revenue, and may potentially be removed from the YouTube Partner Programme, including losing access to partner management and creator support. You may also be removed from YouTube Select Line-ups. 
  • Video recommendations: Your videos may no longer be eligible to be recommended on YouTube, and could lose benefits such as appearing on our Home page, Trending tab or in Watch Next recommendations.

Additional resources

Use these resources to learn more about YouTube policies: 

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