Watch together in the YouTube VR app

Note: YouTube VR Watch Together is no longer available. Learn more about using YouTube VR.

You can watch YouTube VR videos with others in YouTube VR Watch Together. 

Enter or leave a group and choose your avatar

Enter a group

  1. Below the player controls, select Watch Together.
  2. To choose your avatar, select Edit next to the avatar that appears.

You can also join a new group of people by clicking Find new group under Settings .

Leave a group

On the control panel at the bottom of the screen, select Exit

Watch with another participant

You can see what other participants are watching in the thumbnails behind their avatars, and decide to join them.
  1. To see the video someone is watching, hover over their avatar. You’ll see the video thumbnail and timestamp.
  2. To watch the same video at the same time, click the avatar.

Note that ads, private videos, and age-restricted videos will be hidden.

Although you enter the video at the same place as the other participant, you're still in control of your video. Slow buffering, pausing, or taking another video action will unsync your video from the other participants’. 

Note: If the avatars are blocking your view, you can move them to the side. Click the bar the avatars are standing on and drag it to another location.

Block or report someone

Blocking someone makes sure that neither you nor the user you blocked can hear or see each other, and you will not be matched together in the future.  Reporting someone will send the video that user is watching along with a short audio clip of the entire group to be reviewed by YouTube Staff.

Block or report a participant

  1. Hover over Settings .
  2. Select Block or Report.

You can also block or report a user by hovering over that specific user and clicking Block in the menu that appears. Through Settings , you can also block or report users who recently left the group.  

Manage audio settings

Change volume

Use the daydream remote or video player controls to control the volume.

Change someone else’s volume Hover over the participant’s name and move the volume slider that appears.

Change group volume Hover on the audio icon  on the control panel at the bottom of the screen.

Mute yourself Select the mic iconMicon the control panel on the bottom of the screen. If you see the three green dots when you speak, your mic is picking up noise from you.

Watch history

Videos watched in Watch Together - both your videos and other participants’ videos - will be added to your watch history. Learn how to remove videos from watch history.
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