Traffic sources for impressions

The "Traffic sources for impressions" report shows the YouTube features that viewers use to find your content. An impression is whenever your video thumbnails are shown on YouTube. 

You can use this report to see traffic sources for registered impressions to see where your thumbnails and titles are showing most to potential viewers. Not every instance where a viewer sees a video thumbnail will count as an impression, like on external sites, for example.

Half of all channels and videos on YouTube have an impressions CTR that can range between 2% and 10%.

However, new videos or channels (such as less than a week old), or videos with fewer than 100 views can see an even wider range. If a video gets a lot of impressions (such as if it gets promoted on the Home Page or Watch Next), it's natural for the CTR to be lower than for videos where most of the impressions are from sources like your channel page.

Ultimately, it's best to compare CTRs between videos over the long-term and keep in mind how their traffic sources will affect their CTRs.

The report includes metrics from the following traffic sources on YouTube, among others:

  • Video watch page
  • YouTube home page
  • Trending tab

You can also look at click-through rate by traffic source to get an understanding of how well your thumbnails and titles convert impressions to views in different contexts. Keep in mind that traffic sources, like "YouTube Search," typically have a higher click-through rate than sources like "Home" because they're sources of traffic where viewers have a greater intent to watch.

See your Traffic sources for impressions

YouTube Studio Beta
  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio Beta. If you haven't tried the beta, learn more.
  2. In the left menu, click Analytics.
  3. Hover the "Impressions" section of the funnel. You'll see the places where impressions for your videos were shown. This overlay will only show if YouTube suggested sources are  greater than one percent of traffic.
    • Where YouTube is suggesting your content: Traffic from impressions on the YouTube homepage, watch page, and trending tab (sources will only show if impressions have happened in those locations).
    • Where viewer are seeking your content: Places where users look for you content. For example, traffic from impression on the YouTube search page, subscriber feed, another other places where viewers look for your content.

Learn more about using the impressions funnel in YouTube Studio Beta


Keep in mind that it's normal to see varying amounts of impressions from different places on YouTube. For example, viewers might be more likely to watch a video if they searched for it specifically than when it was shown to them as a recommendation. Learn how to see and understand your traffic sources for views

Get tips for analyzing your traffic sources to promote your videos.
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