Collection List

The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content Manager to manage their copyrighted content.


In Video Single feeds, the <CollectionList> is used to add Music Videos to playlists on YouTube. The <CollectionList> is not used in Sound Recording feeds.

To include a video in an existing playlist, you can use the dedicated "YOUTUBE:PLAYLIST_ID" namespace inside the <CollectionId>, with a <CollectionType> of "FilmBundle".

            <ProprietaryId Namespace="YOUTUBE:PLAYLIST_ID">PLONRDPtQh-FLMXFMM-SJHySwjpidVXmzw</ProprietaryId>
        <!-- If title is provided, it will update the title of the existing playlist. -->
            <TitleText>My Updated Playlist Title</TitleText>
                <!-- Adds the video at the start of the playlist. -->


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