Refreshed YouTube Logo FAQs

On August 29, 2017 you'll see a refreshed YouTube Logo and YouTube Icon. The new Logo combines a cleaned up YouTube wordmark and Icon that create a more flexible overall design.

Developed to work better across the growing list of devices we all use, our updated branding reflects the reality of our multi-screen world–without losing the fun that's always been a part of YouTube. When screen space is limited, the Icon can be used as an abbreviated Logo that's seen more easily than the former design. You'll see the new design roll out across mobile and desktop August 29 and across all our other apps and services soon.


Where can I find the assets for the new YouTube Logo?

You can download them from our brand resources page.

I have the old YouTube Logo on my merchandise, now what?

As long as you have already received express permission to use the YouTube Logo on your merchandise, you can keep selling it. When it comes time to create or order new merch, contact YouTube Brand Permissions for approval to use our new Logo and Icon, which we can then share directly with you or your team.

Why do I still see the old Logo in some places?

We led with the main YouTube experiences on mobile and desktop and will roll out the change to our products over the next few months.
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