View YouTube Analytics for Artists

If you're an artist on YouTube with an Official Artist Channel, you can view analytics across every channel where your music lives (like artist owned & operated channels, topic channels, and VEVO) to understand your footprint on YouTube.

You can use the YouTube Analytics for Artists in the YouTube Studio app to:

  • Understand where and how fans are discovering your music 
  • Get a unified view of your performance across channels
  • See aggregated view, interaction, discovery, and geographic data across all your Artist channels

Data in YouTube Analytics for Artists includes views from all versions of a song, including premium music videos (PMV), and Art Tracks.

What counts as a view: Views are counted for each track based on the number of views of videos containing all or most of that song.

View your Artist Analytics

  1. Open the YouTube Studio app .
  2. Tap Menu   and then Analytics.
  3. Select a tab to see detailed data:
    • Overview: Overall views and top songs
    • Discovery: Breakdown of how fans are discovering and getting to your songs
    • Audience: Top countries/regions and cities
  4. Tap on a card to see more details. You can tap the date range and choose from various time periods in the drop-down menu.

 We'll launch other types of data over time.

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