Monetization icon guide

If you've enabled monetization for your YouTube channel, you may see one of the following monetization icons next to your video. Use this reference to understand what the issue might be.

We’ve updated our machine learning technology that determines whether a video has a yellow or green monetization icon. As a result, some additional icons may have changed to green or yellow. Ultimately, this update will reduce misclassifications for videos all across YouTube once it's completed its initial analysis. 

If you think a yellow icon is a mistake, you can appeal. Videos that were previously appealed and have received a final appeal decision should not change.

Video is monetized

Description Monetized Monetized
Meaning Video is monetized.  Video is monetized and sharing video revenue with another account.
What you can do

Learn how to grow your subscribers.

If you're not seeing ads on the video, learn why

Learn more about revenue sharing.


Video is not monetized


Description (hover text)

Not monetized Not eligible for monetization
Meaning Video is not monetized because you haven't turned on monetization for the video or your channel. Video is not currently available for monetization and not eligible to earn revenue from ads or YouTube Premium because it's not advertiser friendly and the decision was upheld following further review. 
What you can do Complete these three steps to turn on monetization. Learn what you can do to resolve the issue


Video is not monetized, but you may be able to appeal

Description (hover text) Not suitable for most advertisers - Limited or no ads
  • Video does not meet the criteria for advertiser-friendly content and is not eligible for advertising, or 
  • Video is not considered suitable for all advertisers. It will receive fewer ads but will still earn subscription revenue from YouTube Premium.
What you can do Make sure that your content follows the advertiser-friendly guidelines and request an appeal
The "not suitable for most advertisers" icon does not mean the video is limited in search and discovery. Advertiser preferences are not used to inform how videos display on YouTube. However, just as a video with profanity or violence may not be appropriate for every advertiser, such videos may not be widely recommended across all viewers.
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