YouTube Flash app for TVs no longer available

The YouTube Flash app on older TV device models will no longer be available from 26 June 2017. If your TV model is from 2012 or earlier, it is likely that you have this older version of the YouTube app, which looks like this.

In 2012, YouTube and our device partners started distributing an HTML5 version of the YouTube app for TV. This app has many new features and other improvements that are not available on the older Flash app. We now think that it is the right time to end-of-life this app because as we continue to roll out new features to the current YouTube on TV app (topic tabs, improved search, watch next, recommendations, better transport controls, etc.) the legacy devices using the Flash app cannot access them.

How to continue watching YouTube

If your device is impacted by this launch, you can still continue watching YouTube using the following methods:

Continue using your existing TV

You can attach a streaming stick/box to your TV's HDMI input to continue watching YouTube on TV using your existing TV screen. Low cost options for this include: Chromecast and Android TV.

Upgrade to a newer Smart TV or Games Console

  • Most Smart TVs from 2013 onwards have the latest version of the YouTube app for TV.
  • YouTube is also available to be installed on PlayStation 3 & 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and Wii U.

See a featured list of devices that can be used to access YouTube.

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