New publishing data model: music labels

The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content Manager to manage their copyrighted content.

We are launching a new asset data model to give publishers more transparency into and control over how their rights are embedded within Sound Recording assets. This should have minimal effect on Sound Recording asset owners in the short term, but over time we hope this will help improve associations between sound recordings and compositions and general data quality.

What's changing?

In this new model, Sound Recording assets will no longer embed a single “global” Composition asset. Instead, they will embed one or more “Composition Shares,” which represent the ownership and metadata of only one publisher each. 

This will change how Sound Recording assets look in CMS. Instead of a Related tab, you will now see a Composition tab reflecting the “Composition Shares” embedded in the Sound Recording and a separate Music Videos and Art Tracks tab for assets that embed your Sound Recording.

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