Series guidelines for YouTube TV

Currently, the Series Editor tool is in beta and available to some creators who have content that's intended to be watched as numbered episodes. We'll update here when it's more widely available. Keep in mind that if your content is not meant to be watched in seasons or with numbered episodes, a regular playlist may be a better fit for your content.  

If you have access to the Series Editor, follow the instructions to create a new YouTube series. Make sure to use the guidelines below so that your content is eligible to show up on YouTube TV. Displaying your YouTube content alongside TV content gives new audiences the opportunity to discover your channel—and may also increase your watch time and ad revenue.

Your content must adhere to the YouTube Terms of Service and our Community Guidelines. Additionally, you currently can't use the Series Editor to surface gaming or music content on YouTube TV.

Series title & description

  • Title describes content that's in the series. 
  • Add a description of the series' premise.

Season art

  • Upload a custom season art thumbnail that represents the series.
  • Do not include the season number in your art. 
  • If you choose to include text, it can only be the series' title. 

Episode content

  • Only include full episodes. 

Episode titles

  • Make sure your episode title describes the episode’s content.
  • You can include episode numbers in your titles, but make sure they align with the Series Editor badging.
  • If you choose to include the series title or the episode number in your title, we recommend following this order: 
    Episode title, series title, episode number.

Episode thumbnails

  • Make sure the thumbnail artwork represents the episode and is different from other episode thumbnails.
  • Do not have episode number on the thumbnail unless it matches the titles and series badging.
Note: If you do not provide series metadata or series art elements, YouTube may provide default elements for you.
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