Manage spam on community contributions

To prevent spam and abuse, we’ve disabled auto-publishing of community contributions. Learn how to review and publish contributions on your video.

You can invite your community of viewers to add title, description, subtitles, and closed captions to your videos ("submitted content"). All community contributions are reviewed by other contributors in the community review process. YouTube moderates any community-flagged content for spam or inappropriate content.

While you can leverage your community to create and review contributions, you’ll need to approve contributions yourself to publish them. While most community contributors are there to help, abuse can happen. Review can keep things like spam links and offensive language out of your translated content.

Your safety is important to us, so we're constantly working to keep YouTube free of spam and give you control over what's shown on your channel. You can flag content that's inappropriate. 

Review process overview

Before it's published, all submitted content goes through a review process by community contributors. During and after this process, you can also review the content yourself.

  1. When content is submitted, it goes through several reviews by YouTube and your community:
    • YouTube automatically looks at signals to ensure the quality of submitted content—including bad words, contributor reputation, content language, and more.
    • Contributors in your community also review the submitted content. They vote on the quality of the content and, if something doesn't look right, they can flag it as spam.
  2. Anything that's flagged or that has any other high-risk signals goes directly to our Spam & Abuse Operations team. Real people on this team evaluate the content.
    • If they determine that the submitted content is spam or inappropriate, it's removed from the contribution queue. 
    • If they determine that the submitted content is accurate, it goes on to be reviewed by your community of contributors.
  3. Any submitted content that hasn't been flagged as spam goes through a secondary review:

Once the community review process is complete, you can publish the contributions.

Flag inappropriate translations or captions

We rely on you and the YouTube community to flag content that's inappropriate. If you see any abusive content in translations, you can flag it: 

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