Check translated videos

How translated videos display to viewers

YouTube uses signals to automatically match a video's language (title, description, and captions) to viewer preferences. Signals can include a viewer's language, location, and recently watched videos. These signals show videos in the language that's the best match for the viewer. This language may be different from the viewer's main language setting.

If a viewer changes their language setting on YouTube, all videos won't immediately be available in their chosen language. Even if videos have translations available in that language.

For example, if a viewer changes their language to English, but signals indicate they also understand French, then they may get the original French version.

Note: We’re working to make it easier for viewers to specify their language preferences.

View translated videos

If you want to view translations of a video, you can view the video using a different language.

  1. Open an incognito browser window using Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, or Opera.
  2. Go to your video's watch page on YouTube.
  3. Click your profile picture  and then Language and then Select the desired language.

You can also use captions (subtitles) on videos when it's available.

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