Manage YouTube Super Chat & Super Stickers for Live Chat

Super Chat and Super Stickers are ways to monetize your channel through the YouTube Partner Program. These features let your viewers purchase live chat messages that stand out and sometimes pin them to the top of a live chat feed. Learn more about eligibility and how you can turn on this feature.

Note: This feature may not be available with supervised experiences on YouTube. Learn more.

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View Purchased Super Chats & Super Stickers

Super Chats & Super Stickers show as colored chat messages and animated images in your live chat feed. When a viewer buys a Super Chat or Super Sticker, their profile picture can stay on top of the live chat feed. The length of time depends on their purchase amount. The more a viewer spends, the longer Super Chats or Super Stickers stay at the top of the chat feed.

View purchases made during a live stream

Use the Live Control Room, YouTube mobile app, or the YouTube website to view Super Chat and Super Sticker activity in your live chat feed.

  1. To filter your live chat feed to only view Super Chat and Super Sticker purchases:
    1. On a computer, click Chat filter and then Fan funding.
    2. In the YouTube mobile app, tap Settings and thenChat filter and then Fan funding.

2. To view all messages in your live chat feed again, select Chat filter and then All messages.

Note: Filtering your live chat feed will only affect your view as the creator. Viewers will still participate and follow regular live chats.

View all purchases

  1. Use a computer to sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. In the left Menu, select Earn.
  3. Select the Supers tab.
  4. The newest purchases are displayed in the “Your Super Chat and Super Sticker activity” card. If you want to view all available transaction info, click See all.

Interact with Super Chats & Super Stickers

Interacting with Super Chats and Super Stickers during your live stream is a great way to show appreciation to your fans. You can:

  • Verbally acknowledge or thank buyers with a shout out while live streaming.
  • Heart a Super Chat or Super Sticker to show appreciation: Find a Super Chat or Sticker in your live chat feed and select Heart next to it. All viewers can see that you’ve hearted the Super Chat or Sticker. Depending on the buyer’s settings, they may also get a notification that you loved their comment.

Other automated messages may surface on your live chat feed to acknowledge a viewer’s milestone purchase on YouTube. For example, an automated message may surface for a buyer that’s made their first or tenth purchase.

Showing appreciation for purchases and milestones can help build community and increase your fanbase.

Moderate Super Chats & Super Stickers

Super Chat & Super Stickers are automatically available on eligible live streams and Premieres where live chat is turned on. By default, live chat is turned on. Learn how to use live chat.

You can moderate Super Chats & Super Stickers the same way you moderate Live chat messages. Like everything on YouTube, viewers must follow our Community Guidelines when sending Super Chats and Super Stickers. If a Super Chat or Super Sticker is moderated and removed for violating our policies, YouTube will donate our portion of revenue to charity.

Revenue Reporting

You can see revenue reports for Supers in the YouTube Analytics and then Revenue and then How you make money.

Revenue Share

Creators receive 70% of Supers revenue that is confirmed by Google. The 70% is calculated after local sales tax and App Store fees on iOS are deducted. Transaction costs, including credit card fees, are currently covered by YouTube.

Saying "thanks," and other small interactions can help you build your audience quickly with Super Chat.

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