Set comments defaults

Set comment approval default

You can set your approval preferences for comments on new videos or on your channel.

  1. Go to your Creator Studio. 
  2. Select Community > Community settings in the left menu.
  3. At the bottom of the page, select your settings. You can choose to allow comments, hold comments for review, or disable comments for the following: 
    • Comments on your new videos
    • Comments on your channel
    • Creator credits on your channel

Set default view for comments

You can change how comments show on videos that you upload. Choose Newest first if you prefer comments to appear sorted by time, or select Top comments to have comments ranked algorithmically.

  1. Upload a new video or edit one of your existing videos.
  2. Open the Advanced Settings tab of the Info and Settings on your video.
  3. Under the ‘Comments’ area you will see the ‘Sort by’ option with a drop down menu.
  4. Use this drop down to select either the Newest first or Top comments view for your comment view default on this video.
  5. Save your changes.
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