Upload 3D videos

You can upload and playback 3D videos as either rectangular 3D videos or 360 3D (VR videos). This article explains the required metadata for uploading 3D rectangular videos. To learn how to upload 360 3D videos, use the instructions to upload virtual reality videos. Make sure your 3D video files have the required 3D metadata.

YouTube supports left-right (LR) side-by-side stereo layout for 3D videos. The video should contain stereo metadata as:

  • st3d box in .mov/.mp4,
  • StereoMode element set to side-by-side LR in .mkv/.webm, or
  • FPA metadata in H264 SEI headers

Note: If your 3D video doesn't have 3D metadata, you can add it using preferred video editing software. Some examples include Sony Vegas Pro or GoPro Studio, or using the FFmpeg tool.

H.264 encoded video in .mov or .mp4 container

ffmpeg -i input_file.mkv -vcodec libx264 -x264opts \    "frame-packing=3:frame-packing-interpret=1:frame-packing-quincunx=0:frame-packing-grid=0,0,0,0" output_file.mp4

Matroska and WebM video

ffmpeg -i input_file.mkv -c copy -metadata:s:v:0 stereo_mode=1 output_file.mkv

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