Channels migrated to Brand Accounts

Changes to accounts created before 2014

Channels created before 2014 didn’t have access to all of the features that are now available to new accounts. To ensure all channels have the same features, we’ve updated your channel by connecting it to a Brand Account. Your channel has the same name, videos, and subscribers as before but allows a separate identity so that your personal name and email address are not visible to the public.

If you’re not sure what kind of account you have, you can check on YouTube.

What's changed:

  • Your YouTube channel is now automatically connected to a Brand Account. This lets your YouTube channel have a different name and photo from your Google Account.
  • You now have full access to commenting, changing your channel name, and adding channel managers.
  • You may see your email address in some of your channel setting pages but it is not shown publicly. Learn more about managing your YouTube channels.
  • Your channel will have the same content as before. If you cannot find your channel list or a subscription, try switching accounts using the Account Switcher.
Note: When you're using the Brand Account, you may also see an unusual email address in some places, such as This isn't a real email address — it's just an identifier for the Brand Account. You can have a Brand Account even though Google+ is no longer available.
Email notifications for the YouTube channel go to the notification address that you can set for the Brand Account. 
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