Upload videos longer than 15 minutes

Increase your video length limit

By default, you can upload videos that are up to 15 minutes long. Verified accounts can upload videos longer than 15 minutes.

To verify your Google Account:

  1. Open the YouTube mobile app.
  2. Tap the camera  to upload a video. 
  3. Select or record a video longer than 15 minutes.
    • If you’ve never uploaded a video before, enter the name you’d like to use for your YouTube channel and tap CREATE CHANNEL.
  4. Choose your video’s title, description, and settings, then, tap Next .
  5. Select Verify to verify your Google Account.
  6. Enter your phone number and choose whether you’d like to receive a text or phone call.
  7. Tap SEND CODE.
  8. Enter the verification code you got by text or phone call. If you haven't gotten your text or phone call, try these troubleshooting steps

Maximum upload size

The maximum file size you can upload is 128GB or 12 hours, whichever is less. We've changed the limits on uploads in the past, so you may see older videos that are longer than 12 hours.

Troubleshoot common issues

I verified my account but my video still won’t play.

After you verify your account, you’ll need to upload your video again:
  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. Select CREATE and upload your video again.
I don’t know if I verified my account yet.

To check if you’ve already verified your Google Account, go to your Account Features page. If you’ve verified your account, you’ll see “Verified” beneath your channel name. You’ll also see “Enabled” in the Longer videos box.

I already verified my account but I can't upload long videos.

If you could previously upload long videos and no longer can, check your account for copyright claims and strikes.

My video is larger than 128GB.

If your video is larger than 128 GB, try compressing your video in a video editing software before uploading it to YouTube. Compressing will reduce your video file size while maintaining the video quality. One common way to compress a video for YouTube is to encode it using the H.264 codec.

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