Delivery Status Reports

The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content Manager to manage their copyrighted content.

Downloading status files from Content Manager

After processing a spreadsheet, YouTube will post status file(s) indicating the actions that YouTube performed when processing the package and whether each item was processed successfully.

To view your upload status files:

  1. Click the My Packages tab that appears under CONTENT DELIVERY in the left-side menu.
  2. Click into your package.  Status files will be generated for packages that have completed processing.
  3. Click the Export button to download the status report.

Emailed status files

YouTube will also email the status file(s) (one email per metadata file) to the email address indicated in your upload settings.  You can modify the email address for the uploader by going to Uploader accounts found under Settings in the left-side menu.

Report Filenames

The filename of the status report will be based on the filename for the metadata file used in the delivery.  The following table describes the status report filename assuming the original metadata file is named "metadata.csv":

Filename Type Notes
status-metadata.csv.xml XML Status File Deprecated XML format
report-metadata.csv CSV Status File  
errors-metadata.csv CSV Errors File  

Report File Specification

Each report contains a header and a number of rows separated by commas.  They may contain a variety of columns depending on the metadata template used for ingestion of the package.  There are two columns which are consistent for all reports (Row number and Status.)  Other columns vary depending on the template type and the type of data delivered.  Some columns may be omitted from the report if they are not used.

Column Name Description Template Types
Row number Corresponds to the row number within the metadata template

All template types

Status "Successful" or "Errors" All template types
Channel Channel ID Web Video
Custom ID Provided Custom ID All templates updating assets
Custom Thumbnail Provided thumbnail filename Web Video
Video ID Video ID Web Video, Music Video, Localization
Asset ID Asset ID All templates updating assets
Claim ID  Claim ID Web Video
Video file Provided video file Music Video
ISRC ISRC code Music Video, Sound Recording
Audio track Provided audio file Sound Recording, Localization
Caption file Provided caption file Localization
Provided composition asset ID asset_id column value Composition
Updated composition asset ID Updated composition assets Composition
Provided sound recording asset ID related_asset_id column values Composition
Updated sound recording asset ID Updated sound recording assets Composition
ISWC ISWC code Composition
Widescreen artwork file Provided widescreen artwork file Show
Square artwork file Provided square artwork file Show
Show custom ID Custom ID of the Show Season
Season custom ID Custom ID of the season Season

Error File Specification

If there are any errors listed within the status report, more details on the errors are provided within the error file.

Column Name Description
Error Code Internal error code, String
Severity Severity of the error, either "PERMANENT_ERROR" or "WARNING"
Error message The detail of the error
Positions The rows within the metadata template which are affected by the error


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