Improve YouTube on TV recommendations

Your activity on YouTube influences the recommendations on your Home page. To improve the recommendations that show, you can start fresh by clearing your watch and search history.

Before you start

Signed in

When you’re signed in to YouTube, your history settings will be the same across all devices that are signed in to this account. This means that your YouTube on TV settings will be the same as your YouTube settings on any other device. Your signed-in activity from any device will impact your recommendations.

Signed out

When you’re not signed in to YouTube, your YouTube on TV settings and search history are unique to the device you’re using. Your recommendations may contain content that was watched on the device. This content may be viewable by anyone using the device in signed-out mode.

If your recommendations aren't relevant to your interests, you can clear your search and watch histories. You can view your watch history by selecting History  in the left menu.

If you use your watch history to re-watch videos, you can add those videos to a playlist or "Watch Later" to find them again easily.

  1. In the left menu, click History  .
  2. On the right, click Clear all watch history.

Clear YouTube on TV search history

  1. Click Search Search .
  2. Select Clear history.

Pause watch history or search history

To pause your watch history or search history, open YouTube on a computer or mobile device and follow the appropriate instructions:

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