Get support with YouTube paid memberships and purchases

Have a question about YouTube or YouTube Music? Need help with a purchase on YouTube? 

You can get in touch with support at any time for help with:

  • YouTube Premium 
  • YouTube Music Premium
  • Super Chat, channel memberships and other purchases
  • TV shows and movies that you've purchased

Take a look at ways to get in touch with us below.

Contact support

YouTube mobile app

  1. Select your profile picture in the YouTube mobile app.
  2. Select Help & feedback.

  1. Navigate to the paid memberships section of
  2. From this page, click on your profile picture.
  3. Select Help.
  4. Select Need more help?

YouTube Music

  1. Select your profile picture in the YouTube Music mobile app or on
  2. Select Help & feedback.

Connect with the YouTube help community

For more support, take a look at our YouTube help social channels: 
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