YouTube for Creators eligibility requirements

YouTube for Creators grants creators like you new benefits, resources, and events as your subscriber count grows. It's designed to help you make the best videos you can, develop a successful channel, and get to know other creators in the community. 

Program criteria

To take part in the YouTube for Creators program, your channel has to meet the program criteria for an active creator.

Upload activity criteria

To be considered active, you have to have uploaded videos on at least two different days during the past 3 months. The videos you upload must be public videos.

Watch time criteria

The YouTube for Creators program benefit levels are based on a channel's number of subscribers. Each benefit level has a minimum watch-time requirement.

Here are the watch-time requirements by benefit level to be considered active. Keep in mind that our systems may take some time to log your subscriber count and watch time. 

Benefit level Subscribers Watch time requirement for the past year
Graphite 0-1,000 subscribers 0 minutes
Opal 1,000-10,000 subscribers 60,000 minutes (1,000 hours) or more
Bronze 10,000-100,000 subscribers 600,000 minutes (10,000 hours) or more
Silver and up 100,000+ subscribers 6,000,000 minutes (100,000 hours) or more


Generally, creators who reach these subscriber levels and upload videos also meet these watch time thresholds. To keep it simple, YouTube for Creators focuses on subscriber count.

Check your eligibility

To find out if you qualify for the YouTube for Creators program, check the following factors:

  • Number of videos you’ve uploaded: Find your uploaded videos on the Videos page of YouTube Studio.
  • Subscriber count: Find your subscriber count on your Dashboard in YouTube Studio. 
  • Watch time: Find your channel’s watch time on the Overview tab of YouTube Analytics in YouTube Studio. Be sure to set the date range to “Lifetime” to check your total watch time. Watch time in YouTube Studio is reported in minutes. 
You can also use the YouTube Studio app to check your subscriber count and watch time.
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