Chat about shared videos

Note: Private chats are only supported by the YouTube app. Chats are different from public comments or private messages.

When you share a video on YouTube or receive a shared video from a YouTube contact, a private chat is created where recipients can view and discuss the video. You can watch shared videos directly in your chat conversation. 

View & manage current chats

You can view shared videos and current chat conversations, share more videos and manage group chat participants. Note that when you view a message, others in the chat will be able to see that you've viewed it. You'll also see when others have viewed a chat message that you've sent; the note 'Seen' or 'Seen by <Contact name>' will be shown in the chat.

Share videos

  1. Go to the video that you'd like to share. 
  2. Under the video player, tap Share .
    • Share on YouTube by selecting a contact or tapping Add contacts
    • Share the video link by selecting an app.

View or add participants

  1. Go to the Activity tab Notifications.
  2. Tap Shared.
  3. Tap Menu  > View participants or Add participants, or tap the title bar.

Change group chat name

This feature is currently available on Android devices.

Any member of the chat can change the group chat name:

  1. Tap the list of participant names at the top of the chat.
  2. Select the option to edit the title.

Manage playback in chats

Play while scrolling

By default, videos will play automatically as you scroll through a chat. To pause or resume playing videos while scrolling, just tap any video in the chat.

To change your settings:

  1. Open the YouTube app.
  2. Tap Menu  > Play while scrolling.
  3. Choose from the options:
    • No: Videos will no longer play automatically as you scroll.
    • Wi-Fi only: Videos will only play automatically as you scroll over Wi-Fi. 

View video watch page

Open the YouTube app and go to an existing chat.

  1. Tap the arrow  to open the video's watch page.
  2. You can access additional player controls, view related suggestions and post or view video comments. 

Mute, leave or delete a chat

  1. Go to the Activity tab Notifications.
  2. Tap Shared.
  3. Open a shared chat.
  4. In the top right, tap the menu icon .
  5. Tap an option to choose to:
    • Leave this chat: When you leave a chat, your existing posts will remain in the chat and you won't be able to join again unless you're invited. 
    • Mute notifications: Stop receiving notifications without leaving the chat.
    • Disable notifications: Stop receiving notifications for all chats.
    • Delete: If you created a chat, you must delete the chat to leave it. This will delete the chat for all participants. 
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