Friends on YouTube

YouTube Friends are people who you can share videos and chat privately with on the YouTube app. People only become friends after an invitation is sent by one person and accepted by the other. You can add friends to YouTube in three ways:   

  • Sharing videos via message on YouTube, in-app or on
  • Inviting friends directly in-app or on
  • Accepting another user's invitation  

Add friends

  1. Go to the Inbox tab .
  2. Tap MESSAGES.
  3. Select FRIENDS.
  4. Under Add friends, choose how you'd like to add friends.

The recipient must accept your invitation before you can share videos with them. Invitation links expire after 72 hours.

View & manage friends list

To view or manage your YouTube friends from your YouTube mobile app:
  1. Go to the Inbox tab .
  2. Tap MESSAGES.
  3. Select FRIENDS.
  4. Tap on any friend to view their channel, remove them from your friends or block them.

Receive friend requests

If you receive a friend request on YouTube, you'll receive a notification. You can:
  • Accept the invitation to become friends with that user on YouTube. 
  • If you don't want the person to message or chat with you, you can tap the  to ignore the request.
  • If you don't accept a friend request for a day or more, you'll see a reminder notification in the Inbox tab . To opt out, you can manage your YouTube notifications.

 Also in Block friends.

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