Invite viewers to contribute transcriptions or translations

Once you've turned on community contributions, let your viewers know that they can help with reviewing and translating videos. Here's how you can raise awareness: 

  • Share a link to a video: Let viewers know that you need help with a video and they'll be directed to the captions editor. Using the editor, they can add translations for one or more languages.
  • Share a link to your channel: Send viewers directly to a list of all available translations for your channel. They can review tasks for their languages and decide what to contribute.

YouTube figures out a viewer's language profiles by looking at different factors, like their watch history.

Get links to share with contributors

  1. On a computer signed into your account, go to your Video Manager.
  2. Select the video you want the community to help with. Make sure you've turned on community contributions.
  3. Select the Subtitles/CC tab.
  4. Under the video player, click and share one or more links with your viewers. Try adding them to the video description or your social media posts to get more contributors.

Note: The channel link is also shown under Translations & Transcriptions and then Community contributions

Note: Be sure to check the quality of community contributions before they’re published on your video. Learn how to manage spam on community contributions.
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