Use hashtags for video search

Hashtags are keywords preceded by a # symbol. Hashtags allow creators to easily connect their content with other videos that share the same hashtag on YouTube. They also allow viewers to find similar content that shares hashtags.

Add hashtags to your YouTube videos

You can add hashtags in a video’s title and description when you upload a video or record a Short on YouTube.

To add a hashtag to your video:

  1. Enter a # symbol in the title or description and then begin entering the topic or keyword you want to associate with your video. Our system will then suggest popular hashtags based on your input.
  2. Choose a recommended hashtag to promote your video among others with the same hashtag or create your own to find the hashtag appropriate for your content.

Out of all the hashtags you add to the video’s description, up to three hashtags that are considered most engaging will appear by your video title. Your hashtags will still appear in the video description, and your videos can still appear in search results. Hashtags in the title and description will link to a results page featuring other videos sharing the hashtag.

Hashtag use policies

Much like videos uploaded to YouTube, hashtags must meet our Community Guidelines. Hashtags that violate our policies won’t show below your video’s title and may be removed. Make sure to follow these policies when using hashtags:

  • No spaces: Hashtags don’t contain any spaces. If you want to have two words in a hashtag, you can join them together (#TwoWords, #twowords).
  • Over-tagging: Don't add too many tags in a single video. The more tags you add to a video, the less relevant they become for viewers who are searching. If a video has more than 60 hashtags, we'll ignore each hashtag on that video. Over-tagging may result in the removal of your video from your uploads or from search.
  • Misleading content: Don't add hashtags that are not directly related to the video. Misleading or unrelated hashtags may result in the removal of your video. Learn more about our Misleading Metadata Policies.
  • Harassment: Don't add a hashtag with the purpose of harassing, humiliating, intimidating, exposing, or threatening an individual or group. Violating this policy will result in the removal of your video. Learn more about our Harassment & Cyber Bullying Policies.
  • Hate speech: Don't add any hashtags that promote violence or hatred against individuals or groups. Don't add hashtags that contain racist, sexist, or other slurs. Violating this policy will result in the removal of your video. Learn more about our Hate Speech Policy.
  • Sexual content: Adding sexual or explicit hashtags may result in the removal of your video. If a video is intended to be sexually provocative, it's less likely to be acceptable for YouTube. Learn more about our Sexual Content Policy
  • Vulgar language: Use of profanity or offensive terms in your hashtags may lead to an age restriction or removal of your video.
  • Non-hashtags: While adding hashtags is allowed, adding ordinary descriptive tags or repetitive sentences in the description is (still) prohibited. If you violate this policy, your video may be removed or penalized. Learn more about our Misleading Metadata Policies.
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