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YouTube Originals are original series and movies from your favorite stars. You can check out the released series and movies on the YouTube Originals channel.  

You can view YouTube Original series and movies on or in the YouTube mobile app. If you exit out of YouTube while watching an episode or movie, your content will resume playing from where it was paused during your last viewing.

YouTube Premium members have access to YouTube Originals as part of their paid membership. YouTube Originals available with YouTube Premium can be identified by the YouTube Premium badge  below the video. Availability of YouTube Originals movies, series and episodes may vary per country/region.

YouTube Original series and movies are also available for purchase in select countries/regions where YouTube Premium is not available. If you're in a country/region without YouTube Premium, please check out Google Play Movies and TV to see if the title is available.

YouTube TV members also have access to YouTube Originals at no additional cost. You can find them in YouTube TV on all of your devices, on, or in the YouTube mobile app.

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