YouTube Music Insights

YouTube's Music Insights tool lets you find out where your fans are so you can plan your next tour around them.

Music Insights is part of YouTube for Artists site, a publicly facing data tool that gives artists and the music community more information on YouTube views. It shows the cities and countries around the world where an artist is most popular, top tracks globally on YouTube by an artist, and views from an aggregate of all of an artist’s official music videos and fan uploads claimed using Content ID (at the ISRC level) to give a full picture of how fans are engaging with music on YouTube.

Use this daily updated data for:

  • Routing tours to cities with large fan bases

  • Acquiring radio airplay by showing programmers how big viewership is on YouTube

  • Targeting/tracking marketing and promotional campaigns.

In addition, insights from the data can make good posts to build buzz for a new video or express fan appreciation.

Music Insights currently includes some of the most popular 10,000 artists on YouTube measured by viewcounts. More artists to come soon!

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