Autoplay videos

The Autoplay feature on YouTube makes it easier to decide what to watch next. After you watch a YouTube video, we’ll automatically play another related video based on your viewing history.

Autoplay won't start if you're connected to a mobile network and have been inactive for 30 minutes. On Wi-Fi, Autoplay will stop automatically after four hours. This prevents long Autoplay sessions you might forget about.

Autoplay on your TV

Autoplay with the YouTube app on TV

  1. Open the YouTube app on your TV.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Scroll to Autoplay.
  4. Click the Autoplay box to turn Autoplay on or off.

Autoplay while casting to your TV

If you’ve connected your TV to your phone or tablet, you can use your device to control Autoplay.

  1. Connect your mobile device to your TV device and pick a video to play. 
  2. Tap the control bar at the bottom of the screen to expand your queue and see your Autoplay settings. 
  3. Use the toggle to turn Autoplay off. 

How autoplay works on mobile

Autoplay is switched on by default. At the end of each video, you’ll see a countdown that tells you what’s going to play next. The countdown will automatically pause if you scroll down past the video player or start typing something, like a comment or a search. You can also click Cancel on the countdown screen to prevent the next video from automatically playing.


Turn Autoplay off

Use the same instructions for the YouTube app and mobile site.

  1. Go to the Up Next section on the video page.
  2. Use the toggle at the top of the Up Next section to turn off Autoplay.

Note: Autoplay will remain off until you turn it back on.


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