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YouTube Red membership details

YouTube Red is a paid membership that gives you an amplified video experience across YouTubeYouTube Music YouTube Gaming, and YouTube Kids.  

YouTube Red benefits are available on supported devices and in supported locations.

See membership details below:

Ad-free videos

Ad-free videos are supported on and YouTube apps when you are signed in with your YouTube Red account.

With YouTube Red, you won’t see ads hosted by YouTube, such as pre-roll or mid-roll video ads, banner ads, search ads, homepage banner ads, and in-video text-overlay-ads. 

Other promotional content such as video annotations, links to other videos, trailers, or featured or recommended videos may appear.

While our policies do not permit creators to include ads in their content, there could be instances in which a creator includes product placements, incidental branding, or third party-ads in their videos. A typical example of this is a live stream of a concert or sporting event.

Save and watch offline

With YouTube Red, you can save videos and playlists offline to watch when you aren’t connected, for up to 30 days.

Offline videos are available only on the latest YouTube apps. Offline videos are not available when visiting YouTube in a mobile web browser.

Live streams and content from paid channels and videos, movies, or TV shows can’t be saved offline.

Once offline, saved videos can be played for up to 30 days. Some content may become unavailable when you reconnect to the Internet due to content restrictions, such as YouTube copyright takedowns or policy violations.

Learn how to save videos to watch offline and set offline storage space.

Background play

With background play, you can play videos uninterrupted while using other apps or when your screen is off. 

Background play is available only on the latest YouTube and YouTube Music app.

Background play is not available when visiting YouTube in a mobile web browser.

Rentals, purchases & paid channel subscriptions

Rented or purchased movies/TV shows and paid channel subscriptions are not compatible with YouTube Red benefits; this includes any related bonus material or trailers. For example, TV shows you’ve purchased may still contain ads and promotions.

YouTube Red Originals

The availability of YouTube Red Original Series and Movies may change over time and vary by location. Access to YouTube Red Original Series and Movies is not guaranteed.
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