Using YouTube Premium benefits

YouTube Premium (formerly known as YouTube Red) is one of a few premium membership services that we offer for amplifying your experience on YouTube. Learn more about our paid membership offerings.
Watch ad-free videos

With YouTube Premium, you can watch millions of videos without ads. This includes ads before and during a video, as well as banner ads, search ads and video overlay ads.

You may still see branding or promotions embedded in content, when such messaging is placed there by the creator. You may also see links in and around content that are added by the creator. These links could be for their website, merchandise, event tickets, a membership to their channel or other related destinations that they are promoting.

Ad-free videos are supported across all devices and platforms where you can sign in with your Google Account – including on compatible smart TVs/gaming consoles and the YouTube, YouTube Music and YouTube Kids mobile apps, if they're available in your location.

YouTube Music Premium

You also get access to YouTube Music Premium as part of your benefits. With YouTube Music Premium, you can:

  • Enjoy millions of songs and videos in YouTube Music without ads.
  • Download songs and videos to your mobile device for offline listening.
  • Use background play to keep your music playing while you use other apps.
  • Turn on audio-only mode to listen to music without loading the video
YouTube Originals
Watch all YouTube Originals series and movies from some of YouTube's biggest creators, straight away when they're released and at no extra cost.
Download videos to watch offline

Download videos and playlists to watch offline when you aren't connected to the Internet. You can download videos to watch offline using the YouTube or YouTube Music apps (and watch auto-downloaded videos in the YouTube Kids app) if these apps are available in your location and you're signed in with your YouTube Premium account.

Download a video

  1. Start watching a video on the YouTube Mobile app.
  2. Tap Download below the video player.
  3. Select the video quality.
  4. The 'Downloaded' icon will appear below the video player when the video has finished downloading.

You can view your downloaded videos in the Library or Account tabs.

To remove a downloaded video, tap Downloaded and select Remove.

Browse Recommended Downloads

Recommended downloads help you get ideas for videos and playlists to download. Note that when you download a recommended playlist, all the videos contained within that playlist will be downloaded. These recommended playlists will update weekly (while you're connected to Wi-Fi), so you always have new videos to watch.

To find your Recommended Downloads:

  1. Open the YouTube app and make sure that you're signed in to your YouTube Premium membership.
  2. Tap on the Library tab .
  3. Tap Downloads and scroll down to Recommended downloads.
  4. Download videos and/or playlists by tapping the download icon .

Change download settings

On certain mobile devices, videos and playlists can be downloaded only when connected to a Wi-Fi network. To download videos over a mobile network, go to Settings Settings and turn off Download over Wi-Fi only under 'Background & Downloads'.

Set video download quality

To change the default quality for downloading videos, go to Settings Settings and select Download quality under 'Background & Downloads'. Higher-quality videos may take longer to download and may use more storage space on your device.

If less than 5% of storage space is available on your device, you won't be able to download additional videos. To free up space, try removing a downloaded video or playlist.

Things to know about downloaded videos:

  • You must be signed in to your YouTube Premium account to download videos to watch offline.
  • Some actions, like commenting and liking, are not available while viewing videos offline.
  • Downloaded videos renew automatically as long as you go online in your home country/region at least once every 30 days.
  • Some videos may not be available offline when you reconnect to the Internet due to content restrictions from video creators.
  • If your device loses connectivity while downloading a video or playlist, it will automatically resume when you reconnect to a mobile or Wi-Fi network.
  • You can only download videos in countries/regions where YouTube Premium is available.
  • Learn more about YouTube offline videos
Background play

Play videos on your mobile device while using other apps or when your screen is off. Background play is available on YouTube, YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming and YouTube Kids mobile apps (if these apps are available in your location).

Customise or turn off background play

Background play is available on YouTube mobile apps when you're signed in with your YouTube Premium membership account. By default, videos will always play in the background.

To change or turn off background play:

  1. Go to Settings Settings .
  2. Select Background Play under 'Background & downloads'.
  3. Make your selection:
    • Always on: Videos will always play in the background (default setting).
    • Off: Videos will never play in the background.
    • Headphones or external speakers: Videos will only play in the background if your device is connected to headphones, speakers or an external audio output.
  • Get more information on YouTube Premium and our paid memberships.
  • Learn how your YouTube Premium membership helps to support YouTube creators.
  • Update to the latest version of the YouTube app to make sure that you have access to YouTube Premium benefits.

Learn how to sign up

How to get YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium

Note: YouTube TV is not included as part of YouTube Premium or Music Premium benefits Learn more about how to get a YouTube TV membership.
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