Content Manager tools

YouTube Studio is the place to find all of the features and tools you might use as a creator to organize your channel, manage videos, and interact with fans. When you are a YouTube content owner, YouTube Studio is also where you go for access to content management tools.

When you are signed in as a content manager, you'll see these options in addition to the tools available to all creators:


When you are signed in as a content owner, the Dashboard displays your To Dos list and links to the content delivery tools.


A content owner can own or manage multiple channels. Use the Channels section to manage your list of associated channels.

Content ID

Use the Content ID section to manage your assets, claims, policies, and other components related to managing your rights using Content ID matching.

Content Delivery

The Content Delivery section has the tools for delivering files to YouTube.


Monthly and weekly reports are available from the Reports section.


Use the Settings section to configure parameters that apply to all of the channels linked to the content owner, such as which email addresses to notify in a variety of situations.

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