Live stream your phone’s screen

You can live stream your mobile device screen directly from the YT app without any extra hardware making it easy to stream mobile gameplay.


Start live streaming your screen

  1. At the top of the YouTube app, tap Capture  .
  2. Tap GO LIVE.
  3. Tap ALLOW ACCESS. This lets YouTube use your camera, mic, and location.
    • In the dialog that opens, tap Allow to let YouTube use your location.
  4. Tap Create Channel.
  5. At the top right of the screen, tap the  phone icon to stream your phone’s screen.
  6. Create a title, then select a privacy setting and game title.
  7. Optional: select More options.
    • Add a description
    • Schedule for later
    • Tap Advanced settings to:
      • Turn on or turn off live chat.
      • Turn on or turn off age restriction for your stream.
      • Indicate whether your stream contains paid promotions and add a paid promotion disclosure.
      • Turn on or turn off monetization.
  8.  ​​Select Next to set your thumbnail and screen orientation.
    • The default thumbnail is based on the game title you chose. Customize the thumbnail by tapping the  edit button on the top right of the thumbnail.
    • Tap Landscape or Portrait orientation for your recording. Once you start recording, you won’t be able to change the orientation.
  9. Tap Next to finish setup.
  10. A toolbar will show up at the top of your screen, allowing you to control the stream.
  11. Hit GO LIVE button to start. A 3 second countdown animation will show before your stream starts.
  12. “You are live” will stick for 3 seconds before fading off screen. 

Control or end your live stream

To show the toolbar, tap the picture-in-picture view of your front-facing camera. You can use this toolbar throughout the stream to:

  • Pause the stream
  • Mute your microphone or front-facing camera
  • Change the size of your camera picture-in-picture
  • Open live chat
  • Stop the live stream
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