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Update YouTube on Google TV

If you see this video in your YouTube app’s video feeds on Google TV, this version of the YouTube app will stop working very soon. To keep using YouTube, upgrade your YouTube app to the latest version:

  1. Press the Home  button on your Google TV remote.
  2. Go to the Play Store  app at the bottom of your screen. If you don't see it on your Home page, go to All Apps > Play store.
  3. Sign in to the Play Store app with your Google Account, or follow the instructions to create one. 
  4. Select My Apps from the Menu  in the Play Store. 
  5. Select the Installed tab at the top of the page.  
  6. Choose YouTube for Google TV from the results page. If you do not see it here, check under the All tab. 
  7. Select Update

If you do not see the Play Store on your Android Home screen after pressing the Home  button, contact your device manufacturer.

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