Birth control and contraceptives

YouTube allows ads for birth control products such as oral contraceptives and condoms. Campaigns may only target countries where these ads are permissible under applicable laws and regulations and all ads must comply with local restrictions. Furthermore, advertisements for oral contraceptives must comply with AdWords policy on Healthcare and medicines.

In addition, all YouTube ads must be approved as Family Safe. Learn more about the family status of ads here.

Ads for birth control products can contain product branding but with no adult themes, context, or imagery. If any of these elements describe the campaign creative, then it will be disapproved under our policy.

In all cases where promotion of birth control products are permitted, the following conditions must be met:

  • Ad must act in compliance with all applicable laws and industry standards for each location that you are targeting.
  • Ads and landing pages can not promote other sexual aids such as sex toys, sexual enhancement pills, and sex lubricants.
  • Ads must only focus on product branding and not contain any adult themes, context or imagery such as implied sexual acts, heavy kissing or scenes of intimacy.
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