Understand your channel URLs

Your channel can have multiple URLs that direct your audience to your channel homepage. These URLs can look different from one another, but all point your audience to the same place – your channel.

Find your channel URL

To find your channel's URL:

  1. Sign in to YouTube.com.
  2. Select your profile picture  and then Your channel.
  3. Copy the URL of this page from your browser. This is your channel's ID-based URL.

ID-based URL

Example: youtube.com/channel/UCUZHFZ9jIKrLroW8LcyJEQQ

This is the standard URL that all YouTube channels use. It uses your unique channel ID, which are the numbers and letters at the end of the URL.

Customised URL

Example: youtube.com/c/YouTubeCreators

A custom URL is a shorter, easy-to-remember URL that you can share with your audience. Custom URLs are assigned to qualifying channels and can be based on your current display name, your legacy username or your linked, verified web domain. You can check whether you've claimed a custom URL in your advanced account settings.

Learn how to get a custom URL for your channel.

You can share a shorter version of your custom URL by removing '/c', such as youtube.com/YouTubeCreators.

Legacy username URL

Example: youtube.com/user/partnersupport

Depending on when your channel was created, it may have a username. Usernames are no longer required for channels today, but you can still use this URL to direct to your channel – even if your channel name has changed since you chose your username. Existing usernames can't be changed.

You can share a shorter version of your legacy username URL by removing '/user', such as youtube.com/partnersupport. This is not possible if another channel has claimed a custom URL with the same name.

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