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Fan Finder Program

The YouTube Fan Finder program allowed creators to utilize YouTube ads to promote their channels to viewers. Fan Finder is no longer accepting new public submissions. Channels currently running in Fan Finder can check the status of their Fan Finder ads via Creator Studio under the Featured content section.

We will still be accepting channel ad submissions for potential promotion through the Creator Studio UI. A small number of ads will be selected for Fan Finder promotion, however we cannot guarantee ingestion or impact.

Also, be sure to check out the YouTube for Creators website to find additional tools and resources for growing your channel.

Fan Finder FAQs

What if my channel ad is in queue?

If your Fan Finder channel ad is in queue, we were not able to match your channel with viewers at this time. We have learned that Fan Finder is not optimized for all channels and some channels do not have enough viewership data to support our matching algorithm. If you choose to leave your channel ad in the system, it may be selected for promotion experiments.

Where can I track status and analytics of channel ads already in Fan Finder?

You can see the channel ads you submitted to Fan Finder and analytics on these ads under the Featured content section in Creator Studio.

How can I opt out of the Fan Finder program?

If you do not provide a channel ad, your channel will not be included in Fan Finder promotions. If you have already provided a channel ad, you can opt out by:

  1. Navigate to the Featured content page
  2. Click Read terms and deselect "Allow my channel(s) and videos to participate in this program"
  3. Click Save

Can I prevent certain channels from running ads on my channel?

Yes. You can prevent specific channel ads from appearing on your content by blocking the channel’s URL in your linked AdSense account. Navigate to the Allow & block ads tab, click on ‘Content Host’ in the left navigation, and enter in the URL for the channel you would like to block in the ‘Advertiser URLs’ tab.

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