YouTube Certified program overview

As of October 2019, YouTube Certified course eligibility has changed. YouTube Certified courses are only open to creators and partners with a YouTube partner manager or with access to Content ID. If you previously passed a YouTube Certified course, but don’t meet these requirements, you won’t be eligible to recertify.

YouTube Certified is a series of courses designed to help eligible creators and partners use advanced YouTube systems and tools. Courses focus on concepts like rights management and advanced analytics. Learn how to take a YouTube Certified course.

Note: YouTube does not endorse any creator or partner that has completed YouTube Certified courses. YouTube doesn’t make promises or representations about their knowledge and use of advanced YouTube systems and tools.

Changes to the YouTube Certified badge

YouTube no longer distributes badges to individuals who complete a YouTube Certified course. Existing badges are no longer valid.

Do not use or display YouTube Certified badges that were previously distributed. For more info, visit the YouTube Certification Program Terms of Service and the YouTube Certified Code of Conduct.

About YouTube Certified courses

YouTube Certified offers four distinct courses that are designed for the following business-related roles.

  Content Ownership
Asset Monetization Course Music Course Music Rights Management
Channel Managers Recommended      
Business Operations Recommended Recommended    
Digital Rights Managers & Legal Recommended Recommended Recommended Recommended
Artist Channel Managers & Label Reps     Recommended Recommended
Note: Channel Growth is no longer available as a YouTube Certified course.

Content Ownership Course

Gain recognized proficiency in the use of CMS, copyrights, claims, and analytics.
  • Audience: Content Managers, Business Operations
  • Topics covered:
    • Copyright on YouTube
    • Business operations with CMS
    • Rights enforcement with Content ID

Asset Monetization Course

Scale and optimize the monetization of your assets with a deeper understanding of digital rights, advanced analytics, and complex claiming scenarios.
  • Audience: Digital Rights Managers & Legal, Business Operations
  • Topics covered:
    • Asset optimization for revenue
    • Revenue analysis and reporting

Music Course

Learn how to grow an artist’s fan base and measure channel performance using strategies tailored to artists and their teams.
  • Audience: Digital Rights Managers & Legal, Artist Channel Managers & Label Reps
  • Topics covered:
    • Content and channel strategies
    • Promotions and engagement
    • Analytics
    • Revenue
    • Basic rights management

Music Rights Management Course

Manage music rights at scale and maximize a catalog’s earning potential with lessons designed for digital rights managers in the music industry.
  • Audience: Digital Rights Managers & Legal, Artist Channel Managers & Label Reps
  • Topics covered:
    • Music copyright on YouTube
    • Asset optimization for revenue
    • Content ID claims and policies
    • Content delivery and reporting

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