Update metadata with spreadsheet templates

The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content Manager to manage their copyrighted content.

YouTube's collection of spreadsheet templates includes templates that let you update the metadata for previously delivered videos. You can update multiple videos at once using a spreadsheet. Learn more about delivering assets using spreadsheet templates.

Use these tips for using spreadsheet templates

  • For video updates, identify each video you're updating using its YouTube-assigned video_ID.

  • For asset updates, identify each asset you're updating using its YouTube-assigned asset_ID or your custom_ID.

  • For metadata values you don't want to update, either leave the column blank or specify the same value in the column. YouTube does not update the values for any blank columns.

  • For any field that accepts a list of values, the values in the spreadsheet will replace all existing values for the field; you can't incrementally add new values. For example, if the current value of the ownership field is "JP|CA|US" and you want to add ownership in Mexico, you need to enter "JP|CA|US|MX" in the ownership column of the spreadsheet.

There is a separate template for each type of video you can upload to YouTube (movies, television episodes, music videos, and web videos). There are also three templates that support asset-only updates (sound recording, music video and a general asset update).

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