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Preview, start and stop Events

When you schedule events you’ll be able to preview, start and stop your live stream on YouTube.

  • Start your encoder.
  • Click Preview to check the stream from the encoder. (Please allow 1 minute to initiate transcoding process.)
You cannot return to preview state after you have started.  

You have two options to start your stream


Option 1 Option 2
Start immediately by unchecking the 'Sync to preview player' player box and clicking Start Streaming. This option removes the preview player. Start Streaming with the 'Sync to preview player' player box checked.  Start the Preview Player then click Start Streaming.
  • Click Start Streaming to start the event after you're done testing.
  • Monitor the event from the Live Control Room.
  • You can insert Mid-roll ads and YouTube Slates.  
  • Use Broadcast Alerts as-needed before and during the event to notify viewers of delays.

When the event has ended, click Stop Streaming.

You cannot restart your event once you have stopped it.

**The Live Control Room is not currently available on mobile or tablet.

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