Choose ingestion settings

When you've completed Info and settings, click Create event to load Ingestion settings. Ingestion settings are only available in events and are not currently available on mobile or tablet.

Ingestion settings
  1. Upload an event Thumbnail.
    If a thumbnail is not uploaded to an upcoming event, a cropped version of the channel art or avatar is displayed. When you're live, we will automatically select a frame every five minutes.
  2. Set up your stream key:
    1. To get started quickly, select a 'Single-use stream key'. This will be a 'variable resolution' stream key which means that you will not need to specify a resolution or frame rate.
    2. More advanced users can create a Reusable stream key. You can either choose to specify a resolution and frame rate or opt to make a variable resolution stream key. Reusable stream keys can be used between multiple live events – set it up once and never think about it for future streams!
  3. The stream key and ingestion URLs will be displayed below to set up your encoder. Copy/paste to your encoder, or select your encoding software from the drop-down menu to download XML.
  4. Click Save

You will not be able to adjust this after the event has started. Choose the highest-quality resolution and make sure that your encoder and Internet connection can stream to your selected bandwidth.

Many browsers support HTML5 and either the H.264 video codec or WebM format.

Viewing of mobile live streams: Live events will be automatically available on mobile devices via
The FCC requires programmes captioned for US TV to also be captioned online. Instructions for adding closed captions.
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