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Before the event

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  • Get familiar with the technical setup of a livestream before scheduling an event. Learn more about livestream setup and troubleshooting.

  • Test everything well in advance of your event; you don’t want to let down your audience by having technical difficulties.

  • If you receive a takedown on a livestream or archived livestream, you may lose the ability to publish a live event.

Optimize the Channel

  • Consider creating or featuring a playlist or section on your channel that assembles videos related to the livestream, features the live event trailer, as well as the scheduled live event.

  • If creating a playlist, use the notes field of the playlist to add commentary about the live event.

  • Highlight the livestream trailer video in the Welcome Trailer module on your channel.

  • In the days leading up to the livestream, think about using InVideo programming to promote the trailer.


Pre-event help links:

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