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Bulk update

The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content ID matching system.

Bulk Update features can help you more effectively manage your content by allowing you to more easily update assets, claims or policies at scale. Bulk updates are available in different places across your Content Manager: within the Video Manager, Channels and Content ID tabs.

Let’s take a look at some bulk updates you can do within the Video Manager tab.

First, select all videos by checking the box next to Actions located at the top (or, if you only want to update specific videos, select those).    

Next, select Actions then More Actions to see a list of multiple bulk actions you can take.

With bulk update actions like Content ID matching and Usage Policy, you can now update your videos all at once, where before you had to update each video individually. This is very helpful for partners deciding to ramp up their Content ID abilities.

You can also bulk update Claims and Assets within the Content ID tab through the same process (Actions). 

For Claims, some main functions within the bulk update tool are:

  • Release claims
  • Update Claim Type
  • Update Usage Policy
  For Assets, some main functions within the bulk update tool are:
  • Update match policies
  • Change/Remove ownership
  • Deactivate references

All of these new bulk update features will help you efficiently update your assets and claims at scale.

Bulk updates can also be applied to specific searches within your Content Manager dashboard. This way, you can utilize the search bar to create bulk updates for a specific subset of your claimed videos (rather than just the videos on your initial landing page).

You can also copy-paste asset IDs into the search bar to bulk update a specific subset of your videos. In Video Manager, partners can search for up to 80 comma delimited video IDs. In the Claims or Assets tabs, partners can search for up to 500 comma or space delimited video IDs, asset IDs, or ISRCs at once to bulk update. 

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