Update asset ownership information

These features are only available to partners who use YouTube Studio Content Manager. Contact your YouTube Partner Manager to get access.
It’s important to keep your asset's ownership info up to date. Your upload and match policies can only apply in countries/regions where you own an asset.
For example, if your policy is to monetize worldwide, but you only own the asset in the US, we’ll only show ads in the US.

You set the ownership for an asset when you upload a video or when you use tools to deliver content like the spreadsheet template and the DDEX feed. Learn how to deliver content to YouTube.

Edit ownership

When ownership of an asset changes, such as when you license content in new territories, make sure your asset ownership info is updated. To edit an asset’s ownership info:

  1. Sign in to Studio Content Manager.
  2. From the left menu, select Assets.
  3. Click the title of the asset you’d like to update. The asset detail page will open.
  4. On the asset detail page, click Ownership & Policy.
  5. Click EDIT OWNERSHIP and enter your ownership info.
    • If you have global ownership of your video, select Global.
    • If you own the rights to your video in specific territories, select Specific territories.
      • If you own the rights to your video in a few territories, select Own in selected territories. Then enter the territories where you have ownership.
      • If you own the rights to your video in many territories, select Own everywhere except selected territories. Then enter the territories where you don’t own the rights to your video.
    • If you want to remove asset ownership info, select REMOVE ALL OWNERSHIP.
  6. Click SAVE.

Get detailed ownership info

Use the Ownership & Policy page to get detailed info about the ownership of your asset.  This page can be viewed as table by clicking Table view or as a list by clicking List view .

Filter ownership

Click the filter bar  to filter your asset's ownership by Territory or Other party. You can use the Show any issues filter to view specific territories where you have ownership conflicts.

View ownership changes

To view changes to an asset’s ownership info, click the Down arrowand change Applied ownership to As provided.

Resolve ownership conflicts

Different partners can declare ownership of the same asset, but not in the same country/territory. YouTube applies each partner’s policy in the countries/regions where they own the asset (examples).

If your ownership overlaps with another partner, learn how to resolve your ownership conflict so your policy can be applied.

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