YouTube Operations Guide


These features are only available to partners using YouTube's Content Manager to manage their copyrighted content.

We're excited to provide our partners with a comprehensive and up-to-date resource that compiles important tips, best practices and strategies to help you manage your operational processes on YouTube. A lot is changing on YouTube, so we're going to do our best to keep you informed on the latest best practices for managing all aspects of your Content Owner Dashboard.

While this resource is applicable to all our partners, it is designed with our most experienced partners in mind. The first part of the playbook aims to refresh some of the basic tools available to you. As you go through, we'll also explore more advanced topics such as Rights Management and Content Ingestion. We hope you find this information helpful to your operational process!

  Pro Tips

At the end of each section, you'll find pro tips individually curated by our experienced YouTube Operations teams. We work with hundreds of partners on a daily basis and we've become experts in efficiency, so we're excited to share those tips with you.

 Advanced Resources:

Follow these links to our Help Centre and other destinations to find more details on certain topics, case studies and other methods of support. You can also always contact your YouTube Partner Manager for additional guidance, but after becoming an expert with this playbook, you might not have to!

With that, let's get started!

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