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Some playlist features going away soon: The following playlist features will be discontinued:
  • Video notes: This feature allowed you to add private notes to videos within a playlist. 
  • Translated playlist titles/descriptions: This feature allowed you to add your own translations for a playlist title and description.
  • Remove duplicates button: This button allowed you to remove duplicate videos from a playlist.
  • Auto add: This feature allowed you to set rules to auto add uploaded videos to a specific playlist.
These features were rarely used and we’re removing them to focus on improving creator features. Playlists are core to YouTube and you can still use other features to manage your playlists. You have until October 8th, 2020 to download your data.

You can add or edit playlist titles and descriptions, reorder videos, or remove videos from a playlist.

Add a playlist description

  1. From your computer, select one of your playlists from your Guide.
  2. Click Add a description and enter details about your playlist.
  3. Click Done.

Edit a playlist title or description

  1. From your computer, select one of your playlists from your Guide.
  2. Click your playlist title or description, and then edit it as needed.
  3. Click Done.

Reorder videos in a playlist

  1. Select one of your playlists.
  2. Hover your mouse over a video until you see the grey vertical bar near the video’s thumbnail.
  3. Drag and drop the video up or down to reorder the playlist.

Remove videos from a playlist

  1. Open a playlist.
  2. Hover over the video you want to remove.
  3. Click the X icon on the right side of the video's title.
If you aren't able to follow these instructions, you are likely using the old version of YouTube. If you're using a newer browser, update to the current version of YouTube.
Tip: You can also do this with the YouTube Studio app on your mobile device. Get started in the YouTube Studio app Help Center.
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