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Disable a paid channel

As of September 19, 2017, you can no longer create paid content on YouTube. All your existing paid channels or videos will continue to show until January 1, 2018, and then they'll be made private. Individual videos purchased (not rented) will be accessible to purchasers until January 1, 2023 per purchase terms. Learn more about your options for managing paid content.

You can disable a paid channel if you decide that it no longer works for your monetization or content creation strategy.

When disabling a paid channel, you need to decide whether you want to make the channel and its videos unavailable or want to convert it to a free channel, possibly with its videos monetized through advertising. You must also decide whether you want to disable the paid channel in all countries where you have offers or only in some countries.

It is not possible to issue refunds to your paying subscribers when you disable your paid channel. Direct your subscribers to our customer support center if they wish to request a refund.

To disable a paid channel and make it unavailable:

  1. Go to the Paid Subscriptions page.

  2. Click the Delete button next to all offers for countries in which you want to make the channel unavailable.

    When you delete an offer, all existing subscribers are unsubscribed, effective at the end of their current billing period. These customers will be notified via email. The offer is no longer available for new subscribers.

    You must keep the content in this channel available until the end of the last customer’s billing period.

To convert a paid channel into a free (or ad-supported) channel:

  1. Go to the Paid Subscriptions page.

  2. Click Make channel free.

    Making the channel free allows all YouTube users to subscribe to your channel and view its content for free. Existing subscribers will continue to be subscribed, but will not be billed for future billing cycles.

After making the channel free, you have the option to enable advertisements on your videos to earn advertising revenue from your channel.

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