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Manage community-contributed subtitles & CC

If you've turned on community-contributed subtitles and CC, you may see a card on your videos that encourages your viewers to help translate the content. You’ll also see a list of contributors in your video description on the watch page.

Your community of viewers can help you reach a larger audience by adding subtitles and closed captions to your videos. Once you have captions for a video, your community can submit translations (subtitles) to help you reach a global audience.

When content is submitted, you can manage it by reviewing, editing, publishing, flagging, or rejecting it. Your community can also review the content, and it'll automatically be published when it gets enough reviews.

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Turn community contributions for videos on or off

Before your community can submit closed captions or subtitles, you need to turn it on for selected videos or make it the default setting for all your videos. Learn how fans contribute and review this content for your videos.

Turn on or off for all videos

Turn community contributions on or off with one click by going directly to your YouTube account or follow the steps below. 

Note: Following these steps to turn community contributions on or off will apply the setting to all videos — any setting applied to individual videos will be reset. You can still turn it off for individual videos.

  1. Click your account in the top right > Creator Studio.
  2. On the left, click Transcripts and Translations > Community Contributions.
  3. Click the settings icon in the top right, then click Turn on for all videos.

To turn this feature off for all videos, just click the settings icon > Turn off for all videos.

Turn on or off for a specific video
  1. Go to your Video Manager. Get there by clicking your account in the top right > Creator Studio > Video Manager > Videos.
  2. Next to the video that you want to allow fan contributions to, click Edit.
  3. Under the video, select the Advanced settings tab. 
  4. Under "Community contributions," select Allow viewers to contribute translated titles, descriptions, and subtitles/CC.
  5. Click Save changes.

To turn this feature off, just uncheck the box next to Allow viewers to contribute to this video for the video you want don't want to allow fans to contribute to.

Turn on for a group of selected videos
  1. Go to your Video Manager. Get there by clicking your account in the top right > Creator Studio > Video Manager > Videos.
  2. Select all the videos that you want to be eligible for fan subtitles and closed captions.
  3. At the top of the page, click Actions > More actions > Community contributions.
  4. Select Allow viewers to contribute translated titles, descriptions, and subtitles/CC.
Once you've turned on community contributions, make sure to let your viewers know that they can help with reviewing and translating videos.

Manage community contributions

Once closed captions or subtitles are submitted, the content goes through a review process. YouTube moderates these submissions for spam and inappropriate content, while getting input from you and your community.

When enough people contribute captions or subtitles for a video, your community is prompted to help review the content (instead of adding to it). When that submission gets enough reviews, it's automatically approved for the video. This saves you time and lets your community experts help in their language.

You can review, edit, flag, or reject content. You can also publish or delete content that's been approved.

  1. In the top right corner, click on your account, then Creator Studio.
  2. In the left-hand panel, click Translations and Transcriptions > Community Contributions.
  3. You can take the following actions: Manage contributions in progress

    To see submissions in progress, go to the In progress tab and select Review or Edit next to the track you want to manage.

    • Publish submissions: At the bottom of the page, select Publish.
    • Edit submission: Make any corrections in the box below the caption or subtitle submission. Select Exit to save to drafts or Publish to approve.
    • Flag inappropriate content: Select the flag icon .
    • Reject submissions: At the bottom of the page, select Reject. You can tell us if these submissions need more work or if they're spam.
    Remove published content

    Go to the Published tab and select View next to the track you want to manage.

    • Unpublish submissions: Select Actions > Unpublish. The track will be moved to the "In progress" tab.
    • Delete submissions: Select Actions > Delete.
Tip: If the subtitles are in a language that you don't know, you can get Google's best guess of the content by clicking the Show Google translation icon .

Give credit to contributors

When you allow community contributions on your channel or video(s), we automatically publish the top contributors in the video's description. Contributors can only be listed if they have a channel on YouTube and if they agreed to be listed publicly (they can opt out).

  • The main 5 contributors per language are shown, ranked by their contribution to the published version.
  • The contributor list shows in translated versions of the video description (if applicable).

You can also see the list of contributors under the  CC/subtitles tab next to the version they contributed to.

Get notifications about contributions

You can get a weekly email summarizing community contribution activity on your channel. Go to your notification preferences and select Send me emails about my YouTube activity

You can opt out of these emails at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email you receive.

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