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YouTube logo usage in ads


  1. YouTube (approved) social button is permitted to use in context of a social media bar (a grouping of social buttons that exit the banner).
    Download red icon pack PSD files | PNG files
    Download dark icon pack: PSD files | PNG files
  2. In a social media 'bar' the YouTube logo color CAN be altered as long as the other social buttons are getting the same treatment. When scaling down the icon, it should be done in a program or editor where the aspect ratio & proportions can be maintained.
  3. YouTube horizontal text logo is NOT ok to use in advertisements, unless it’s a YouTube sponsored program.
  4. No YouTube logo or button should be used as part of a sentence, only text. "YouTube/YOUTUBE" can be used as plain text as part of a sentence. All caps are ok. If using lower case, must capitalize the Y and T (YouTube). Examples:
    • "WATCH ON YOUTUBE" or "Visit our YouTube channel" - all variations of this in plain text/client's font are ok.
    • "Watch on YOUTUBE" = not ok (if using caps, full sentence should be capitalized)
    • "Watch on Youtube" = not ok (T is not capitalized properly)
  5. Edge cases should be escalated by your Media Solutions Consultant.
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